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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Champs-Elysées

Frog's Eye For The Crazed Masses

17 April
Shezan holds down the Paris bureau of Echo Station (echostation here), but attended the ROTS premiere in the US, since she never got used to calling her favourite characters "Dark Vador" and "Yan Solo". In her spare time she is writing a book for a French publisher on the post-9/11 Bush Administration in which she promises to include the words "Star Wars" somewhere.

Shezan co-manages maryrenault, a place to discuss Mary Renault's books, their settings and era; the author and her concerns; to post fics and criticise them; and in general to enjoy any kind of free-form discussion of matters literary, historical, philosophical and sociological revolving around 20th century English literature. And more. Virtual claret much appreciated.

You are very welcome to friend this journal. I don't automatically friend everyone back, mostly because I very rarely look at my "Friend of" list, so if you would like to be friended back, please holler.?